Improve Wireless Wi-Fi Network Range

Wi-Fi is a regular thing to enjoy. One can be getting the best strong Wi-Fi signal at one place & just a slight distraction, a drop to one bar. 

The uncertain character of networks of Wi-Fi has many things to do with the fact that there are lots of factors that affect their performance.

Why do you have weak wifi signal and strength?

1. Obstructions: 

Wi-Fi signals may be blocked by many obstacles and objects, having furniture, walls, home appliances, ductwork, or partially absorbed, & even people. 

These Wi-Fi blockers have a significantly harmful effect on 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks, as higher frequency signals don’t go through solid objects as well as lower frequency signals.

2. Interference: 

Wi-Fi signals get the similar radio frequency band of the electromagnetic spectrum, and these may interfere with Wi-Fi signals which are actual radios, microwave ovens, cell phones, baby monitors, walkie talkies, & many other gadgets. 

Truly, Wi-Fi networks may also interfere with one another, an issue that is similar in huge buildings and other areas which are mostly populated.

3. Physical distance: 

Due to safety & technical reasons, Wi-Fi routers don’t have a similar transmitting power as cell towers. 

The low- quality routers may even find it difficult to get even a small apartment with the best Wi-Fi signal; let alone a vast house. 

One may understand the reach of the Wi-Fi router with the help of a NetSpot, which is a Wi-Fi analyzer app.

4. Bandwidth hoggers: 

In a few situations, the issue isn’t with the power of the Wi-Fi signal but with the capacity of the internet connection. 

Live Streaming or video chatting on various gadgets may bring even the best Wi-Fi network to a low one. 

It is inevitable to manage bandwidth hoggers & prevent them from taking bandwidth from everyone else, to get the best experience.

5. The capacity of Router: 

Just like few PCs may hardly handle normal browsing & few may do complex 3D objects, not all routers are similarly excellent. 

One can’t expect a router which is low-end to provide best wireless authorization to the net to a busy office with wireless security cameras, more significant than a dozen of employees & many fax machines, & printers which are Wi-Fi connected.

How can I increase my WiFi speed at home?

1. Position Your Router in an Open Space

Wireless signals have a hard time passing through metal & other solid objects, similar to X-ray vision of Superman. Objects which can be walls, pipes, & metal filing cabinets, may restrict the wireless connection, & the more obstacles between the router & computer, the stronger the interference.

To get high signal strength, one may keep the router in the open area, away from large interfering objects. On the same line, keeping the router in the corner of the house, or the basement may decrease its capacity & range, as the signal loses efficacy when it goes via an obstacle. 

Hence, putting the router in a central place may primarily increase the performance of the Wi-Fi.

2. Select an ideal channel.

The wireless routers may broadcast on multiple variant channels or frequencies, similar as radio stations broadcast on variant channels. Here, the channels are in the 2.4Ghz range (all).

Here are lots of characteristics that determine the working of a specific channel, which depends on the surroundings.

Many wireless routers allow one to choose a frequency or channel. Hence, choose one that provides max. Range by testing, one by one.

3. Alter the antenna.

The router antennas properly transmit the signal in all sides.

In many instances, these antennas are detachable & one may change them with high-gain antennas which are also known as directional-antennas.

The total power is used by high-gain antennas which are used to transmit only in a specific direction & hence will have a greater-improved range and signal strength in that direction. If one may keep the access points accordingly in the high-gain antenna’s direction, one may receive a range of enhances from 25-40%.

If one can’t locate a high-gain antenna for the model of the router, take a booster antenna. It is known to be Omni-directional yet shall enhance both the strength & range of wireless signals.

4. Update the Firmware of the Router 

The router may finally fall out of date, like any other part of the hardware. Manufacturers of the router regularly bring new firmware for their products, which enhances reliability, performance, & fixes bugs too.

Sadly, wireless routers don’t let users know that their firmware’s update is present.

The best part here is that applying the update after downloading it is quite a simple process. 

First, to locate the model & version numbers, check on the router’s backside. To locate the latest firmware for the router, visit the site of the manufacturer as early as possible.

As one has downloaded the file, install it by having the configuration page of the router, clicking on the bar for Firmware Upgrade & as the source, selecting the downloaded file.

On the router configuration page, let the upgrade process gets completed, before clicking on any other link.

5. Enhance router power

Few routers allow enhancing transmit power. If the router allows this, keep it to the max to get the highest range. Also disable afterburner & frame burst, both. 

Altering the router firmware to Tomato firmware or DD-WRT may too aid to enhance range by a few meters.

6. Update the Wireless Adapter Drivers

The wireless adapter to gets periodic updates, few of which can enhance the Wi-Fi performance, similar to the router. 

One shall require to know from which manufacturer the adapter comes, to get the new drivers. Move to Device Manager in the Control Panel; here, increase Network Adapters to locate the model of the adapter. Next, go to the site of the manufacturer & download the new drivers for the gadget.

7. Make use of the repeaters.

What is a repeater?

It is electronic hardware that allows the signal from the router, enhances its strength & transmits it again. 

Hence, if the range of the range is around 100ft, keeping a repeater at around 75ft shall enhance the overall range to 175ft, if the repeater range is 100ft too.

Wireless repeaters are today, affordable and inexpensive even for home uses.

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