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The sign-in page for all the TP-Link Routers is said to be One may easily access the router admin panel by only clicking on the from the favorite browser & one shall efficiently utilize this, no matter which brand or model one has.

So how do I log into my router TP Link?

One shall look at a sign-in window provided that the computer is joined to a TP-Link Router, which is only possible when one gets access to from the favorite browser. 

When one’s gadget is not joined to a TP-Link Router, one’s browser wouldn’t be able to get to the sign-in page. Instead, one shall look at a page of instructions from TP-Link, which is:

To access, the your device must be joined to the TP-Link Router network.

to the TP-Link wifi Login Page

One shall be able to get to the sign-in page, i.e.,, which is the domain which is when one is joined to the TP-Link Network. And, one wouldn’t be able to access the sign-in page if one is not joined. Simple!

The merit of is:

One needn’t locate the router’s default gateway address to access the router login page. Instead, one may visit the site, i.e.,

One has to be sure that one is connected to the TP-Link, and

Now, carefully follow the steps below to sign-in to the router’s admin panel via

to the router’s admin panel via

  1. Click on a favorite browser you can rely upon.
  2. Type & snap Enter, all in the search tab.
  3. Here, to type the login user-id & passkey, a sign-in page with branding as TP-Link will show up.
  4. Type in the sign-in user id and passkey for the admin panel of the router. 

The default passkey & user id for TP-Link routers is admin. One shall now be able to sign-in into the TP-Link wifi Router’s admin panel.

To access TP-Link Login page click on the link below.

Problem While Logging in to

When one is facing issues while signing in, there can be two reasons:

  • The sign-in page may not be loading correctly, or 
  • One can be typing in the incorrect details.

Here, follow these steps to troubleshoot the problems one is getting while signing in to

Steps to troubleshoot the problems

  1. Initially, by pressing the reset button, hard reset the gadget. The user-id & passkey are now reset to the admin, which has initially been provided to everyone.
  2. Now, follow the steps below; when the or URLs is showing an error page.
    • One must check that the gadget is joined to the correct TP-Link router.
    • Now, merely clear history, cookies, cache files of the browser. 
    • Here, to access the URL, utilize another browser.
  3. Instead of typing the link, i.e.,, one can utilize or, or any other IPs are known to us.
  4. Here, install the app of TP-Link Tether from the Google Play or Apple Store once it gets downloaded smoothly. 
  5. Locate the router in the list of gadgets, and from the app itself, go on editing the settings.
  6. Finally, if everything else seems wrong & one yet can’t get to the Tp-Link login page, it is recommended from our side to get a professional’s help.

How do you change TP-link router username and password:

  • Into the favorite browser, type in the IP address of the router.
  • Now, sign-in with the default user id and passkey. Both are taken as admin.
  • Now, visit the option settings.
  • Choose the option Change Router Password or the same choice given.
  • Now, type the new password you can easily remember.
  • Don’t forget to save the latest settings.

What will occur if I reset the TP-Link Router?

A hard reset shall reset the gadget to factory default settings. 

One must reconfigure the gadget from scratch, or one may load the configuration file one has backed up earlier.

Use the 5GHz band on the router

the account. 

  • Click on the favorite browser & type in the manufacturer’s default IP address, usually found in the user manual or bottom of the router or a custom one that one sets for convenience. 
  • By utilizing the user id & passkey, login the router settings page.
  • Click on the Wireless tab to modify the wireless settings. 
  • As one reaches there, kindly locate the “Basic” (or equivalent) bar if one has not landed on the right page.
  • Modify the 802.11 bands to 5-GHz from 2.4-GHz.
  • Finally, snap-on Apply.

How to clear cookies on phone

When one has an iOS gadget working on Chrome:

  • Click on the favorite browser.
  • At the bottom of the screen, snap on the 3-dot menu.
  • Choose the option Settings, later option Privacy.
  • Now, select the Clear Browsing Data option.
  • Select the option Cached Images & Files or Browsing History, Cookies & Site Data.
  • Choose the option Clear Browsing Data. One shall look at a pop-up that allows one to save the choice taken.

When one has an Android gadget, working on Chrome:

  • Snap-on the favorite browser.
  • Click on the 3-dot menu.
  • Choose the option History, later option Clear browsing data.
  • Now select the particular things one requires to delete or set a deletion time range.
  • Choose the option Clear data, later option Clear.

When one has an Apple iOS gadget, working on Safari:

  1. Choose the option Settings.
  2. Locate and snap-on option Safari.
  3. Click on the option Clear History and Website Data. One shall notice a pop-up that allows one to save and confirm the choice,
  4. Choose the option Clear. The option Clear History and Website Data will become gray.

 When one has an Android gadget, working on Firefox:

  1. Click on the browser.
  2. Snap-on the menu of the 3-dot.
  3. Choose the option History, later option Clear Browsing History.
  4. Finally, choose the option, OK.

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