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What is an private IP Address?

Inside of a closed network, a private IP address is provided to a gadget & surfing on the net; it is not readily available, though. 

Do you wonder why private IP addresses were made at first?

  • For the smooth division of the IP addresses inside of many companies or networks, and  
  • By mentioning a real scene, it is relatively easier to learn about a private IP address.

The authority mentions the IP address, i.e., IANA or Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, which acts as a branch of type private network. 

What else should we know is…

  • In the personal arena, IP addresses are not authorized to any particular company, and 
  • Second, even without any approval of a local net registry, anyone can utilize such IP addresses, which are briefed in RFC 1918, having dissimilarity with open IP addresses.

How to access the Admin Page 

  • One can get the admin page’s authorization by clicking on the login button given below or just by typing into the search tab of the favorite browser.
  • One may see for the sign-in secret keys on the table below. 
  • By clicking the link, i.e.,, one may get access to it.

To access admin page click on the link below.

One will definitely have a PC, a smartphone, a tablet & a laptop if one wishes to have a home network. Via a central router, all such gadgets get joined to the net. The mere public IP Address one shall utilize is given to the router, preferably with a public IP address, every gadget on the network being joined.

 To a public IP address, a router shall be authorized, yet utilizing the DHCP protocol to every gadget on the network, will lead to the authorization of a private address. 

Using the private IP address, the gadgets on the network shall communicate with one another, & the router shall utilize its public IP address to allow communication over the internet. 

One’s private IP addresses shall be kept concealed while one connects to the internet, and only the public IP address of the router is visible.

Models with their Username/Password

ModelUsername / Password
AboComAdmin/admin or password
Adbadmin/admin or password
AT&T UverseRefer to sticker/Refer to sticker
Apple Airport(empty)/public
CenturyLink Zyxeladmin/motorola
XFINITY from Comcastadmin/password
Zero One Technologyadmin/0000
Zoomadmin/admin or zoomadsl
ZyXELadmin/admin or 1234

In-Depth details

IP address192.168.43.1
Address typePrivate
Protocol versionIPv4
Network classClass C
Conversions3232246529 (decimal / iplong)
c0a82b01 (hex / base 16)
Reverse DNS1.43.168.192.in-addr.arpa
CIDR block192.168.43.0/24
Network range192.168.43.0 –

Steps to Follow for Login

Authorizing the router admin via the IP address: shall allow one to make the suitable changes with the router’s software’s simple settings.

  1. First, one requires to sign-in to the admin’s router. 
    • After that, one must hit into the search tab or URL tab of the favourite browser. 
  1. The is not the router’s IP address when one gets an error on the screen. 
    • Now, the only thing to do is to write it once more without the autocomplete’s aid. Many a time, it has misled quite a decent number of users.
  1. One may check out our table for model vs. usernames/pass key above if one hasn’t altered the default username & password that arrives with the router.

Why are addresses like so common?

A private class C network includes the IP as its crucial branch (discussed earlier). 

The – is the scope of this network. Sixty-five thousand five hundred thirty-five addresses are the total IP addresses possible as of now for the users. Various routers are authorized as the default address with,, or; hence, such a range is typically utilized on the private networks.

 One gets an IP address such as when one joins the network with the PC, smartphone, tablet, phone, or any other device (in this particular scenario).

Getting to the router

What makes the routers accessible? Only the popular browser you use every day! 

Write in the favorite browser If the IP address of the router is Here, one shall look at the sign-in page. 

The “admin,” “1234,” or “none” are the most customarily used usernames and secret keys for the users. After reading all these essential points, one shall turn the router’s manual pages, too (for more clarification).

The router IP is the IP you are searching.

One may get to the router IP If the IP address is not the router IP. How?

Just follow the point below:

For the windows, the command Ipconfig must be utilized, and for Linux & Max, the command ifconfig should be used.


  • Touch on Start, followed by touch on run, and finally, write “cmd” & snap enter
  • Write the command ipconfig (for Mac and Linux) & hit enter.

A screen ( pasted below) will pop-up on the screen:

Windows IP Configuration

Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . .
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . .
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . .

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