The router is like a shield that saves all our Wi-Fi & gadgets from unauthorized access. Unless you don’t keep the router’s firmware up to date, it can’t block new threats.

We are sure that you don’t have to worry about a querry like how to update router firmware every day, as long as you keep it connected with decent Wi-Fi.

Make this a habit & be certain that you should get the best signal, excellent security, and optimal performance. The procedures that we shall discuss will show you how easy it is to update your router’s firmware.

You already know this, yet we must mention that there are advantages to updating all your gadgets. As we talk about Windows 10, so it is giving better services by asking to update devices. As soon as Windows Update becomes available on the PC, it automatically installs crucial updates to save your time.

If you still want to learn more about routers, do visit our other articles for more clarity and knowledge. 

Update a router’s firmware by manufacturer

1. Update and access a router (Basic)

You require to access your router before you can update the router’s firmware. To perform that, you must enter a required address in your browser.

Along with the login details, many routers shall have this address in the instruction manual, so we ask you to read it once.

Now, follow these steps:

1. To open the Win + X menu, jointly press Windows Key + X keyboard shortcut. 

Now, from the menu, select Network Connections.

2. After waiting for a while, the Network & Internet window will pop up. Here, press on Change connection properties as the second step.

3. Now, move below to check the section called “Proprieties.”

4. Then, you will find the IPv4 DNS server & note the IP address.

You can now use the router’s IP address to sign in to the router & update its firmware. 

To update your router firmware, follow these steps:

  1. Connect to your router via ethernet cable. The point may not be a compulsion, yet it’s urgently required to establish a decent connection with the router, to avoid any issue during the update process.
  1. Open your browser now.
  1. In the search bar, mention the router’s IP address.
  1. All now you have to do is to type username & password. You can get the login info in the manual of your router. From third-party sources, you can also find the login info online for the router.
  1. As you are in, you require to find the Router Upgrade or Firmware option. You may get this in the Utilities, Maintenance, or Administration section. 

Kindly note that the location of this option may change, depending on the model of the router.

  1. When you find this section, you must check its release date and the firmware’s latest version.
  1. Do visit your router manufacturer’s site & move to the Support section. 
  • Locate your router model & check if any updates of firmware are there. If so, download them quickly. 
  • Some routers have a built-in option that takes you directly to the site of the manufacturer. Here, it asks you to get firmware updates by downloading them.
  1. Once you download a router update, extract it to the PC or any selected folder on your PC.
  1. There must be a Select File or Browse button available in the Update section of the router.
  • First, press the button & find the update file of the router on your PC. 
  • As you double-click the file, it gets selected.
  1. Start the upgrade process after selecting the update file.
  1. Now, wait for the process to complete. 
  • Do note that the update process takes time, so be patient and don’t cancel it. 
  • Never open any pages, close the browser, or perform any online activity. 
  • Interrupting may cause a problem to your router, so kindly be sure of that.
  1. The router will restart & one may get the installed new firmware’s version as the update gets completed.

There are few times when the firmware update process can fail, & if that occurs, you must reset the router. 

  • To perform that, sign in to your router & the Factory Defaults section will be there.
  • Select the Restore button & wait unless the router resets. You may also reset it by pressing the Reset button on the router if you can’t access your router.
  • This button is at the back and just press and holds it for few seconds the router to reset. 
  • One shall need to configure the settings & wireless networks also, only when the router resets.

If the router can automatically perform firmware updates, there’s nothing to worry about, and you don’t have to install any updates or download them manually.

2. Netgearrouterrouter’s firmware update

If you own a Netgearrouterrouter, do follow:

  1. Click on your favorite browser & type
  2. Enter the username “admin” and password “password.”
  3. Search ADVANCED > Administration when you access the router settings.
  4. Select the Router Update or Firmware Update option.
  5. Choose the button “Check.” The router will look for the new updates.

You’ll be asked to download updates if they are available.

  1. Choose the button “Yes” to download & for successful installation of updates. 

You should not interrupt the upgrade process anytime.

It would be best if you paused so that the update process gets complete.

  1. After the update process is completed, your router will restart.

This is a simple process here. Isn’t it?

Another method is that…

You may also install the update manually if you can’t download it automatically.

  1. Type the router model & download the latest firmware for the router when you visit NETGEAR Download Center.
  2. Now sign in to the router by following the steps, as mentioned earlier, from 1-4.
  3. Select the Choose File or Browse button as you sign in.
  4. Find the update file & choose it.
  5. The update process shall start now, so pause!

To update the router’s firmware using NETGEAR desktop genie software, follow:

  1. Start the desktop genie software of NETGEAR & choose “Router Settings.”
  2. As the login screen opens, enter the username “admin” & password “password.”
  3. Keep in mind that before choosing the Router Update tab, select the right arrow in the top right corner.
  4. Now, press Router Update, followed by Next. The application will then look for available updates of the firmware.
  5. One will receive the confirmation message if a new version of firmware is available with you.
  1. Now, select” Yes” to download & for the new firmware’s installation.
  1. Pause so that the update process can finish smoothly.

3. Linksys router’s firmware update

The firmware’s update on a Linksys router is easy. 

Using an Ethernet cable, we ask you to join your PC to the router to let the updating process safely.

Now, to update the router firmware, follow these steps:

  1. First, go to the Linksys Support Site. Type the model of the router & see if there’s the availability of a firmware update. Here, you should download the update file.
  2. Open your browser & type in the search bar.
  3. Enter the username “admin” and don’t mention anything on the password when the login screen comes.
  4. As you sign in, select on Administration & then Firmware Upgrade.
  5. Here, select the Browse option.
  6. Choose the downloaded update file and click it fast.
  7. Select the Start Upgrade option.
  8. Finally, the progress bar will pop up. Kindly don’t interrupt and wait for a while.

Please note that you must never open any new pages or indulge in any online activity; why? So that the process gets completed.

4. D-Link router’s firmware update

To update a D-Link router’s firmware, we should keep in mind that it is relatively easy. Just follow the steps below:

  1. From D-Link’s support page, download the new firmware update for the router.
  2. Before you save the file in the desired location, do extract the downloaded file for better convenience.
  3. Type in the search bar of your favorite browser.
  4. Enter the username “admin” & password “password” when the login screen comes.
  5. Find the Tools tab & select the option “Update Gateway” when you sign in.
  6. Choose the Browse button & get the update file from 2nd step.
  7. Double click the file as you get it.
  8. Here, select the option “Update Gateway.”
  9. Pause for the update to be successful. 

Never interrupt & don’t open or close any tabs.

  1. The router shall restart automatically as the update process is finished.

In a few cases, people have to reset their routers before using it, so don’t worry!

Here, select & hold the option “Reset” on the router’s base for few secs. 

Kindly note that one shall require to configure the settings again once the reset steps are done.


As you learn, updating a router’s firmware is relatively easy, & newer routers can download itself & install the firmware’s updates.

You ought to be sure that the upgrading firmware gives the latest features & improvements, yet it may lead to bad issues to the router if you are casual.

We ask you to do a firmware update as the last step, although firmware updates can sometimes fix network-related problems.

Do write to us if you have any issues regarding anything at all.

All the Best!

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